Selective Sintering by Laser (SLS) allows total freedom of creation by offering unlimited possibilities of manufacturing designs. It also offers various benefits including; the production of parts without the need for tools reducing the number of parts; and the elimination of supply chain and inventory considerations as parts can be printed on demand.

SLS Technology

By means of this technology, functional prototypes in Polyamide material are manufactured from 3D CAD files. The sintering system uses a laser to agglutinate some particles of plastic powder in such a way that a part is formed by the powder. Like all prototyping technologies, it works in layers, in this case dust. The unbound powder itself serves as a support for the cantilevered areas of the design. This technology has the possibility of working on various materials and even incorporate fiber loads to give greater strength to the prototypes. The surface finish is rough, but the functionality of the prototypes is good. The color of the pieces is white. The cost of the prototypes is significantly reduced when sending assemblies that can be made in the same tank.

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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Case Studies