3D prototyping, design validation

3D Systems printers simplify the prototype production process, so you can deliver products quickly and accurately.

3D printers are capable of creating models, regardless of their complexity directly from CAD tools, quickly and at a reasonable price. In general, the printing of a project is feasible in a short time. Prototypes are an essential part of the design process in all industries.

  • Internal communication: 3D printers enable effective engineering work on different initial project planning prototypes to provide multiple versions of the same concept on which marketing, sales or production teams can have their say.
  • Stages of a design: regular iterative models can be used to present the creative process throughout the project.
  • Communication with the client: 3D Color printers in particular, are able to print a finished product with the final rendering.
  • Identify problems in time: 3D printing validates first functionalities defined in the specification. Printing business processes (kinematics, interlocking, trimming, etc.) to validate the sets by performing a real pre-production.
  • Consensus around a concept: a physical model allows members of a design team to consider the positive and negative aspects of different concepts and to reach an earlier agreement in the process.
  • Ergonomics Test: Models created quickly and easily, allows designers to test the ergonomics of the design and conduct studies in their form, to make it as ergonomic as possible.