CT Solutions Group is made up of a group of companies, each of which is specialized in a series of products and/or technologies in the field of PLM and EAM.

CT Advanced Manufacturing has a distribution agreement with the manufacturer 3D Systems, world leader in 3D printers. The agreement is based on its range of professional and production products, within the sectors of R&D, Products and Design, Aeronautics and Space, Medical, Jewellery, Architecture and Interior Design, Moulds and Casting, Automotive, Electronics, Machine Tools, etc. Sectors in which CT Solutions Group has vast experience.

Mission Statement

Help companies become more competitive by improving the lifecycle management of their products and assets.


The first business group in the field of technology to manage the life cycle of products and assets, made up of leading specialist companies in their technological area of activity.


  • People
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passion for technology
  • Customer orientation

More information at: www.ctsolutions.es