The step to achieving 3D printing with a true SLA.

The Projet series offers all the advantages of SLA in a smaller footprint, so you can print in great detail using a wide range of VisiJet® materials with engineering capabilities that match or exceed traditional plastic properties.


With flexible material printing options and delivery of easily interchangeable modules. Print what you need, when you need it.


Precision in geometry and the most complicated details, so it has the ability to evaluate physical models in an almost finished state.


Whether your need is to produce fully transparent models with extremely smooth surfaces or the best dimensional stability, now with 3D Systems SLA it is perfectly possible.

I3D Series ProJet SLA

ProJet 6000

Take advantage of the unmatched accuracy, surface quality, material range, reliability and speed of stereolithography at a lower cost. Available in three models: SD, HD and MP.

Volumen de impresión 250x250x250 mm
Precisión 0.025-0.05 por 25.4mm
Resolución PP láser 0.00127 mm

ProJet 7000

The ProJet 7000 offers the same advantages as the ProJet 6000, but with more than twice the volume so you can print even larger parts.

Volumen de impresión 380x380x250 mm
Precisión 0.025-0.05 por 25.4mm
Resolución PP láser 0.00127 mm

ProJet 1200

ProJet 1200 works with liquid wax materials using DLP technology. The pieces made in the 1200 are moldable ProJet, making it ideal for dental waxes, jewelry and other foundry pieces, allowing the creation of molds by the lost wax method.

Volumen de impresión 43x27x150 mm
Espesor de capa 0.03 mm
Resolución XY 0.056 mm
Material VisiJet FTX Green

VisiJet SL Series Materials

The ProJet 6000 and 7000 use a wide variety of VisiJet® high performance engineered materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties, including high temperature resistance, tensile strength and impact resistance. VisiJet SL Claro is also USP Class VI certified, making it ideal for manufacturing medical products, especially in custom mass manufacturing projects such as hearing aids and dental applications.