CT Advanced Manufacturing is the Business Unit belonging to CT Solutions Group, dedicated to the consultancy and implementation of solutions for additive manufacturing, offering the complete integration of the distributed products of the manufacturers 3D Systems, Dynamical Tools and Formlabs. Its aim:

“To help companies be more competitive in the field of advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping, as well as to be a collaborator for your company, allowing you to transform your ideas into reality”.

CT Advanced Manufacturing is an integrator of 3D printing solutions that not only meets the needs of all industry areas, but also those of architecture and design. A company associated with 3D Systems, world leader in 3D printers, CT Advanced Manufacturing offers a wide range of machines to meet all your needs, whether in terms of finishing levels, materials, colors, speed and simplicity of your 3D projects.

CT Advanced Manufacturing has a distribution agreement with 3D Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D printers. The agreement is based on its range of professional and production products, within the sectors of R&D, Products and Design, Aeronautics and Space, Medical, Jewellery, Architecture and Interior Design, Moulds and Casting, Automotive, Electronics, Machine Tools, etc. Sectors in which CT Solutions Group has a wide experience.

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    Manufacturing, repair

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    Wax, customization

3DSystems is a world leader in 3D printing solutions: personal, professional and production 3D printers. Inventor of stereolithography in the early 80’s, 3DSystems has developed for different 3D printing processes that replaces and complements traditional manufacturing methods. These help reduce the time and cost of designing new products by printing real 3D objects directly digitized.

3D prototyping, design validation

The objective is to have a real tool for the development of conceptual models in the design process. You and your team can explore multiple concepts to review and validate the fast and affordable way your new design.


Physical Test

3D “Printers” can create objects, regardless of their data, directly from computer-assisted design software at high speed and at a reasonable cost. In general, printing objects are completed in a few hours. The objects created are therefore an essential part of the testing and validation process.


3D printing of moulds and tools

3D printers are widely used in the tooling field. 3D Systems printers can save significant time in the creation of new objects.


Form validation

Beyond the simple creation of a functional prototype, today’s design problems require models to quickly test a representation or ergonomics.


3D Colors Printing

The 3D printing color component (up to 6 million colors) opens up an important field of possibilities for designers and architects. Industrial design, recreation, creation of figures and toys, films, show sets, … 3D printing allows the printing of truly impressive objects. Able to reproduce with great quality all details of texture, shadows and contrasts.


3D Printing Small and Medium Series

The “Printers” are capable of printing 3D objects, regardless of their 3D CAD tool details on prices of domino materials quickly.


– Products and Design
– Aeronautics and Space
– Medical
– Jewelry
– Architecture and interior design
– Moulds / Casting
– Art/ Animation Cinema
– Automotive / bodywork
– Electronics
– Special machines
– Mechanics / machining / tooling
– Metal
– Piping / Process / Implantation

Stereolithography (SLA)

The SLA process uses an ultra-violet laser-cured liquid photopolymer resin vat to solidify the layer by layer pattern to create or “print” a solid 3D model.

Laser Sintering (SLS)

The SLS process uses a high-power laser to melt the plastic powder layer by layer into finished prototypes and functional end-use components.

3D Color Printing (CJP)

Uses an injection printhead similar to selectively depositing a color-binding liquid onto a bed of powdered material in cross sections to create full color finished parts.

ProJet® Multijet 3D Printing (MJP)

MultiJet is an additive manufacturing process that prints thin layers of UV-curable liquid plastics and support materials to create high resolution wax fully cured plastic parts.

Silicone Mould

Method of producing small series that can produce parts from a polyurethane plastic material for the purpose of rapid prototyping.

Wax casting

These are the high definition wax patterns created in 3D Systems printers and used for direct investment casting.

Direct Metal Printing DMP